I apologise for the delay in blogging, I swear I only published the last one a week or two ago. I just don’t know where time has gone the last few months.

I’m still buzzing from the wonderful atmosphere at Dumfries Market Festival yesterday (14/08/2021) and maybe on a bit of a sugar high from all the birthday cake today (21 + VAT). It was fantastic getting to see so many returning customers but also getting the chance to chat with some new people too. It was all a bit strange without masks but wonderful to not have to over smile with my eyes to appear approachable! Anyone else been doing that or am I the only dafty? Caerlaverock melts and Blackshaw candles were the top sellers of the day.

Where to begin? Let’s start with wicks! We use a company that are FSC certified and who donates a portion of its revenue to ‘Trees for the Future’ which is a charity that helps low income families break the cycle of poverty. They also plant and nurture trees across the world, having planted over 50,000 trees to date. We have not been able to find another company that boasts such credentials. The only issue with this is that we are tied to this supplier who has been hit by COVID isolation periods again. There are now some delays and they are unable to give me a date as to when the wicks will be available again. At the moment we are only low on one size of wick, the bad news is that this is used in 80% of our scents. You may see some “out of stocks” popping up but we are in a position to get candle-making as soon as the wicks become available.

Without wicks, as you can imagine, there is little candle-making going on in CC HQ but this does not mean a nice period of relaxing. Instead we have been looking towards the festive season, the lessons learned last year and speaking with our selection of product testers. There will be a special Christmas candle this year and two Christmas gift ideas are in progress. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage as I would much rather present with photographs. The oils for one of the gifts have arrived and the office at CC HQ is smelling rather festive.

Reed diffusers – anyone else just wish we could have them up for sale already? We were so close! The glass was here, the stock had stabilised, I had found fibre reeds from a carbon-conscious company. The going was good but then the IFRA 49th amendment came into play. This is a massive piece of legislation that affects how much fragrance oil can be in products such as diffusers. Some of the oils we tested and had success with will now need to be retested or skipped all together due to the IFRA percentage cap. I cannot confirm which ones until the manufacturers update their documentation. Rather than releasing them and then having to mess with the formula, I’m holding them back until our supplier can confirm which oils are affected.

Candle testing should resume this week now that the weather has cooled a bit. The next scent will hopefully be Greenhead which is a mouthwatering black plum and rhubarb scent. It’s been through about 150 hours of testing so far and still not perfect, so hopefully, I’ll crack it in the upcoming weeks.

It’s a dreich night so I hope you are all tucked up warm. Keep an eye on the social media channels this week for sneak peeks of the Christmas products. I’m off to start processing all the CLP and boring legal stuff.