Oh dear I seem to have fallen very far behind on my blogging! I am so sorry for that. Where do we begin?

Let’s start with our very first Dumfries Market Festival appearance. What an absolutely fantastic day! Despite the weather, over 600 people made their way to Easterbrook Hall. It was so much fun getting to finally put faces to names and meet you all. It was wonderful hearing your feedback on our products and watching people discover their new favourite scents. It was especially humbling when a few people told me they had come along purely because they knew we would be there. That is just incredible and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Three new wax melters arrived just in time for the market with one selling out completely on the day. The stunning Himalayan Salt melter was a great hit. So great, we’ve managed to get some more which are now live on the website. Take a look to see the other two which are just as lovely.

If you purchased some items from us we would really love it if you popped onto our Facebook or website and left us a review. Online shopping for candles isn’t easy since you can’t smell our products. Reviews massively help our business grow, a growing business means we can keep going and extend our range.

You’ll notice some new product shots appearing and a few headshots of myself. This is due to a collaboration with the incredible Jayne Murdoch Photography. Jayne has branched out into brand photography and we were lucky enough to be one of the first to work with her on a project. Whilst the new images are ready, we are still working on the most incredible part of the project – the drone footage! Jayne is hoping to bring to life my hope that I can show you in a quick video the link between our candle names and their locations. This is taking a bit longer due to the day job getting in the way.

Working alongside Jayne was nothing short of an enlightening experience. Her in-depth questions to get to know my brand made me look at our products and branding in a much more detailed way. This intrigue into our business even led me to our new business tag line ‘created with conscious.’ Every decision made for Caerlaverock Candles is done with a conscious thought towards the environment. Each product is hand poured knowing it will be something special, a treat, for someone. We believe that ‘created with conscious’ covers all of this.

Jayne’s focus on our branding and the new photographs have spurred us into revamping our thank you cards and our online presence. As the weeks go on you’ll start to see little changes here and there and the introduction of our new themes. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring about continuity in our presentation.

If you have a small business and are looking at levelling up your branding using photography I can’t recommend Jayne highly enough. I hate having my photograph taken, I hate photographs of myself. Jayne recognised this immediately and we had a bit of a giggle resulting in some great, natural shots that I’m happy to use on the website. The day itself was so much fun, even with a very early start, and it was wonderful to share Caerlaverock with someone who appreciated it’s beauty as highly.

In other news, our first click and collect location is up and running. Woolies in Great King Street, owned by the wonderful Andrea is now open after COVID. The click & collect option is free for orders over £30. We also have the click and collect option for the Dumfries Market Festival which is taking place on the 12th June 2021. It will be live on the website one week before the market.

There are four new candles currently in testing but they are not going as well as planned. This means they could be another few months before they are put into testing. The scent which has been promised for months has had to undergo a name change but I’ll cover that in another blog. The plan is to get the candles approved and poured this week.

All the glass has arrived for the reed diffusers. We are simply waiting on the supply of the raw materials stabilising so that we can price these appropriately and make sure we don’t run out. COVID, the Suez Canal and Brexit have caused serious supply issues but we are hoping these are starting to settle down which will allow us to release the reed diffusers.

If you follow us on TikTok you’ll see we’ve leveled up our melt production facilities. This has doubled our melt capacity from 100 at a time to a whopping 200. Taking this massive step will let us keep a more stable stock level and provide bigger wholesale orders to our wonderful stockists.

I’d say that’s a whole lot for one newsletter so I’ll pop off for now! Thank you so much for signing up for our newsletter!