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This warm, inviting scent leads you to the top of the Wardlaw where the grass and mosses brush your ankles with every step.  Capturing the essence of the countryside in a masculine scent, it is the perfect blend of warm woods, musky ambers and juicy fruits. Let it lure you into a relaxed state with its sweet notes of apples and irresistible musk and woody base notes.

Top notes: Bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, berries, pineapple.
Heart notes: Jasmine, rose, birch, patchouli, black pepper.
Base notes: Oakmoss, ambergris, musk, vanilla.

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  • ~25g, 1 full sized melt
  • Vegan friedly
  • 10+ hour burn time
  • Hand-poured in Caerlaverock, Scotland
  • All packaging is 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced
  • 100% ethically sourced soy wax which does not contribute to deforestation
  • You can cut our melts in half to make them last longer or if you prefer a more subtle scent.
  • See our guide on how to use your soy wax melt


The Wardlaw sits above Caerlaverock Castle and its name means ‘Sentry Hill.’ It is a Roman hill fort of an unknown date for it has never been excavated, but its location was a strategic build for the Romans.  The fort sits at over 300 feet above sea level with stunning views over the parish of Caerlaverock, the Nith Estuary and to England.  It is the traditional gathering place of Clan Mawell in times of strife.  It is from this hill that the Maxwells took their battle cry of “Wardlaw! I bid ye bide Wardlaw”.  A beautiful walk any time of the year with an extra special meaning at Easter, the Reverend David Logan made it a tradition to hold his Easter service at the top of the hill on Easter Sunday.

You can read more about the Wardlaw on Ancient Monuments.

Safety Info

(Iso E-Super)

Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains Iso E-Super, Linalool, d-Limonene. May cause an allergic skin reaction.


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