This blog is a little later on being released than I had hoped but what a week! You incredible canine loving humans and your charitable spirit kept us very busy over the weekend. Over 100 candles sold in 26 hours. The Post Office was not my biggest fan that day. Thank you all so much for your support. We managed to raise a whopping £300 for the charity.

I know a lot of people are messaging not just us but also the charity asking if there will be more. It is my intention to do a second batch but at the moment the wicks that are specific to that fragrance and wax are not in stock. Once they arrive in stock I will speak to Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue to ensure they are happy for a second batch and if we get the green light we will try and double the donation!

Preparations are well underway for this weekends virtual market with Dumfries Guild. We’ve filmed a video tour of the Wardlaw and Glencaple Quay and discuss some of the history surrounding the locations. We really do hope that you’ll join and enjoy some of the offerings from the entertainment and other makers. What can you expect from us on the day? We are preparing a couple of lives to give you a tour of our headquarters, a run through on how we make our candles and melts and some discussion on why we chose our materials and packagings.

To enjoy an exclusive discount (valid on the day of the market only) you can use the code SHOPLOCAL. This code will give 20% off our core scent range candles and our essential oil gift sets.

The wax melts have been curing for 2 weeks and are in the middle of being packaged so you should see them popping back up in stock on the website tonight and tomorrow. It is a full restock with every scent back in stock! Yay!