What a month that was! Thank you all so much for your amazing support of our little business. I suppose we should do a quick recap and start at the beginning.

The DGCRC charity candle sold out within 26 hours. It was absolutely phenomenal, we managed to raise a whopping £300 for the charity. There were a lot of requests, emails and messages asking for another set to be released. We couldn’t do this at the time as the specific wicks for that fragrance oil were sold out everywhere. BUT!! The candle stars aligned and I managed to get a hold of some more. They are live on our website and there are still plenty left. If we can sell this last set we can double the initial donation which would just be absolutely incredible.

The scent for the DGCRC is definitely something completely different, it’s like a summer holiday in a tin according to our testers. The reviews coming back from the first batch are all fantastic. If you did purchase one please help us out and leave a review on the website.

April is Stress Awareness Month and we still have some of our lovely essential oil melt gift sets available. These are all essential oil only with most of them containing essential oils which are commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. A wonderful gift to let someone know you are thinking of them, or to treat yourself after this hard year we have all experienced.

The diffuser testing should finish this month which will allow me to start work on packaging and the all important CLP’s. They are still going strong in our testers home which is a great sign. Testing of this batch started at the end of December, so we are well over the 12 week period. There may have to be a change in the glass bottles I was hoping to use. A cracking mix of Brexit, Covid and the Suez canal incident has prices rocketing as raw materials are delayed. If I was to press on with the initial design, each diffuser would have to be upwards of £25.

There’s now a “Behind The Scenes” group on Facebook which you are welcome to join if you would like to assist with product testing, determining new scents and assisting with market research. Have a look, I don’t fill it with content or unnecessary posts so it won’t take over your newsfeed.

With the lockdown restrictions beginning to ease this month we are looking forward to getting out and dealing with our stockists again. We are currently working out the finer details for a click and collect service with an independent shop based right in the heart of Dumfries. With postal costs getting higher we were determined to find a more cost-effective way to get your orders to you. More details to follow.

In March I also spoke at a virtual Dumfries & Galloway Women In Business event. The nerves were real let me tell you. The presentation was about the challenges I’ve faced in starting and running a business during a global pandemic. From that talk though, lots of connections have been made, including one with a local photographer. I think I will need to dedicate a whole blog to that though, let’s just leave it with – there will be drone footage!

What’s coming up? Well, the market research group has spoken and they have fallen in love with a scent which will be called Greenhead. Greenhead is the area of land on the approach to Caerlaverock Castle. It has been the site of some fantastic archaeological finds and is now includes a stunning line of cottages and gardens overlooked by the amazing castle itself. The first test candle of this was poured today and needs 48 hours before testing can begin.

The Castle scent has been a difficult one to master but fingers crossed we are on the home straight now. Another tweak and another test candle poured today. The aim is to have this one finalised for the end of the month.