We are so excited to reveal that the testing phase is finally over and “A Country Christmas” is moving into production and will be available on the website from 19th October 2020. The candle and melt versions smell very different, the candle definitely lets the Christmassy lower notes through much stronger where as the melt is a beautiful strong orange and clove scent.

Described as Christmas in a tin by our testers, here are the details.

Top Notes: Orange, Eucalyptus.

Heart Notes: Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ylang.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Woody, Spicy.

You’ll notice that this one breaks the trend and is not named after a location in Caerlaverock. This one has a very special name with a quiet nod to a very special man. For those who knew David Logan, you are likely to have know that he loved his candles and he loved his Country Kirk, especially at Christmas. A Country Kirk at Christmas was his Christmas carol service held in Caerlaverock Church by candlelight. It was an amazing event and the whole parish (whatever their beliefs) would come together as a community and enjoy the festivities. With glowsticks and mulled wine, it was not your ordinary event but it became a parish Christmas tradition.

At one of our many ‘over coffee’ chats in the Nith Hotel Dave and I came up with the business name and plan for Caerlaverock Candles (although we didn’t really know at that point it would be a reality some day), he also made me laugh to the point of tears by telling me the dramatic story of how he fell off a pew whilst adjusting…and I quote… “rogue Christmas lights”. So this year, with all that has going on in the world, it is highly unlikely that there will be a Country Kirk at Christmas event but I’m excited to share this little bit of Country Christmas that you can enjoy wherever you may be.