Happy new year to you all.  It was certainly a quiet one for us but I thought it made it all the more magical getting uninterrupted time with my little family.  I know not everyone is as lucky so I really am grateful.  Christmas 2020 certainly was madness for us here at Caerlaverock Candles and we’d like to thank you all for your incredible support.  The Guild Festive Pop Up Shop was a roaring success with a full sell out on candles and melts.  Thank you to everyone who supported the event and a massive thank you to the organisers.

So 2021, what’s it bringing?  Firstly there has been a massive restock and you’ll see that all of our core scent candles are back in stock.  When the lockdown finishes, stock will be taken to our stockists as soon as possible.  Melts take two weeks to cure so they will be hitting the online store about the 8th or 9th January, details will be released on Social Media channels if you’re waiting on something in particular.

Secondly, a new scent!  This has been delayed slightly due to the issues we have had with supplies being stuck over the festive period.  We are hoping now that there is a Brexit deal and the Christmas rush is over this will return to a level of normality. I’ll be releasing details of this one as soon as I get caught up with the Valentine’s Day items.

New products are currently in testing.  I am very excited to let you know that there are currently four reed diffusers out with testers, sadly I cannot give you a timescale as each diffuser combination takes 6 to 8 weeks to test and any adjustments to the combinations takes that time again.  I will keep you as updated as possible.  What I can tell you is that we have chosen an eco-friendly, vegan friendly diffuser base with a glass bottle with a silicone stopper which can be refilled.  Refills will be supplied in aluminium bottles which can be recycled. I’ve included a photo of the glass diffuser in the title gallery, I’ve not designed the branding for it yet but the initial feedback on the shape of the glass is positive. Let me know what you think?

But before all that is Valentine’s Day.  With all the buzz around the rose gold tins, I have decided to release a limited (and I mean limited) number of core scent candles in rose gold tins.  These are going to be poured next week and should be going live on the website on the 14th January 2021.

Planning has already started for Mother’s Day as it is fast approaching.  We are looking into a selection of luxury essential oil melts but more details will be released on that early next month.

I hope that you have made it through 2020 in one piece, I appreciate some of us are a bit bruised and battered with scars that will remain with us.  With that in mind, we are hoping to spread a little joy this year by supporting local charities, that way you can enjoy your purchases knowing that they not only smell good, they are doing some good!