Welcome to 2022! It’s mad to think there are movies that were made that had us in flying cars this year. I remember someone telling me that we would carry TV’s as thin as glass in our hands and thinking they were mad. I hope however you brought in the New Year it was a happy one and full of hope.

2021 was an incredible year for Caerlaverock Candles full of new products and challenges. Despite wick and wax shortages we managed to keep our small business going with the incredible support of you guys! I got to meet so many of you at the markets which was so nice. It was brilliant to hear your feedback on products and excitement for new scents. The Guild were a massive part of our year with the markets and Flourish and I can’t thank them enough. Whilst we won’t be in the store for the start of 2022 we are hoping to team up with them later in the year so we can be back on the High Street.

So what does 2022 hold? Well I have started the year with a whole lot of candle testing. A lot of this testing was started last year but due to the material shortage had to get shelved. The plan (bear with me here) is to have a small collection ready for Mother’s Day for a wonderful gift set. That’s the plan anyway. After a unanimous vote in the behind the scenes group I’m also working on Pumpkin Spice. Hopefully I can have it ready well before Autumn.

The next seasonal melt collection will launch on 1st March 2022. If you preorder on the website you’ll get free postage and packaging. This season’s melts are all what I consider to be Spring. Some gorgeous fresh and floral scents perfect for bringing in the lighter nights. The collection will include 4 scents and 4 melts in each scent. They will be presented in a gorgeous tiffany blue box with white tissue paper. They’ll be the perfect gift or just really pretty to keep for yourself. I’ll introduce the scents in next month’s blog when I’ll also be opening the preorder for the seasonal box. Are there any summery scents you would love us to include in the next box as I’ll need to get that started very soon?