You know, I set reminders and I write notes to make sure I blog on a monthly basis and I still don’t manage. Here we are almost three months after our last blog. What a three months though?

Markets were an absolute blast. I can’t believe that is them done for us for the year though. I’m so gutted that the day job is interfering with November’s market. More good news on that in an upcoming post though (I promise, it’s scheduled). Thank you to everyone who came to the market and supported us. It was wonderful to put faces to names and social media profiles. It’s been even more wonderful hearing your feedback on the products and scents.

I feel it’s time to share the chaos of the wicks! So the wicks we use are very special. Alongside being sourced from FSC certified mills, the manufacturer also donates a portion of its revenue to ‘Trees for the Future’ which is a charity organisation that provides families with food, income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education, and even saves lives by planting and nurturing trees across the world. To date, the manufacturer has planted over 50,000 trees. This means this company ticks all the boxes for the ethos here at Caerlaverock Candles. It also means limited suppliers in the UK because of the cost.

Our supplier ran out of stock in June, we have had to make do by seriously considering what stock to pour, limiting testing and swapping stock with other candle makers. I also had to seriously consider what events we signed up to for the rest of the year incase we ran out of wicks completely. It was a hard slog with not much communication from the supplier which was sad. BUT! I thought we had found another supplier. Nope! Not only did they take 10 days to send our package, they sent us the wrong one. The second package took four days to despatch despite being marked as a priority. It arrived ten days later and amazingly, they were wicks… but they didn’t pass our candle burning test. Boo!

Finally good news came when the delivery date to our usual supplier was set. FANTASTIC! What could go wrong now? It was only two weeks away. The date was delayed three times but eventually they arrived online and I ordered so fast you would have thought I was a wick ninja. Delivery to Caerlaverock arranged, sorted. Sorted right? Oh no! DPD turns up like they do almost every day with only one of the boxes of the order and it’s not the one with the wicks. Overnight we are then hit with 2 months of rainfall and Caerlaverock floods like it’s never flooded before. Every road leading to CC HQ was cut off. Jamie from DPD obviously knew my distress and somehow that legend of a delivery driver made it through just before we were cut off completely. Not all heroes wear capes.

So here we are. A massive restock is underway for our next event (details to be released in the next blog and on social media this week). Things are a bit mad as the village is still flooded with the two main routes from CCHQ underwater. There will be a delay on getting items posted I’m afraid.

Jamie the legend also brought the Santa burners (WOOHOO) so I’ve sent messages out or replied to posts. If you noted interest and haven’t heard from me, please get in touch!