Let me start by telling that 10 years ago I was not a dog person. I think that could even be an understatement. In the epic battle of cat or dog person, I fell so firmly into the feline side of things I actually have a tattoo that translates to ‘cat’. That all changed with a big lovable and slobbery mutt called Brodie, as much as his fur and drool annoyed me, his big gentle nature opened a door. That opening lead to a dog in need of rescue coming to ours ‘just for a night’ until the dog warden came on duty after the weekend. Eight years later that dog is still snoring away at my feet like a train. Our rescue dog loves so hard and so pure it’s impossible not to fall in love with him instantly.

Our rescue should have made his way to Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre and I know if he had he would have been loved just as hard. I’m just very glad he found his way to our home! DGCRC is a charity that rescues dogs and takes in dogs from all different backgrounds. They work hard to identify and eradicate any negative behaviours, illnesses, etc, and then find them their perfect forever home.

The work they do is intensive and expensive, many of these dogs will have injuries or illnesses and will need veterinary assistance. The charity is 18 this March which is just incredible. 18 years of looking after and rehoming our incredible animals. That’s a lot of dogs, a lot of food and a lot of vet bills.

ALL of the profits from this candle will be donated to DGCRC and if we can sell them all, well that cheque could be over £300. That’s a great amount any time of year for any charity but it is so needed right now after COVID ruining not one but two of their open days (2020 and 2021). Help us raise these funds by buying a cheeky wee present for yourself or for someone else. Every penny made is going to the charity.

The scent description is so accurate and bound to be a fast favourite. It combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.  This scent will transport you to the first day of summer, imagine lathering on the sun tan lotion and heading out for long walks in the sunshine.  A little of what we have all been needing after these long winter months.  A light, fresh fragrance with a floral undertone.

The candle launches this Saturday (6th March 2021) and will be available on the website.

While you’re here – a quick melt stock update. We are working on it and hoping to have the majority in stock for the virtual market. Some of the fragrances are out of stock at the supplier and a date for their arrival there is still unknown.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and all the joy and smiles (even behind masks) that it brings. We are certainly making the most of it.