Here at Caerlaverock Candles we are keen to be as eco-friendly as we can be. The phrase “We did not inherit this planet from our ancesters, we borrow it from our children” has caused massive changes within our household so it was important to replicate these in our business.

Wooden wick sustainability is easily traced through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Cotton wicks require incredible amounts of water to grow and cotton farmers do not always have the best working conditions which instantly discounted them for us.

Wooden wicks can get a better scent throw than cotton wicks, meaning that delicious smell will spread further through your home as your candle burns.  This is because they are wider and the low flame heats the wax of your candle more evenly. 

Cotton wicks may be dipped in paraffin, beeswax or even metals such as zinc for various purposes ranging from self trimming and easier lighting.  This is not a concern with wooden wicks as they are simply wood, they also produce less soot than cotton wicks and will not ‘mushroom’.

But the main reason is that wonderful crackle that each wick gives off, it’s lovely to have a candle on to sit and look at but it is a whole new experience to sit and hear a candle too.  It’s a bit like having a mini fireplace to watch and smell.

*TIP* It is VERY important that you trim your wick to between 3 and 5mm on the first burn and trim before each burn making sure to remove all black, sooty areas. This allows for a clean and even burn.

Have you used wooden wick candles before or are you new to this visual and audial sensation?